• Access and proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Access and proximity to two international airports
  • Country lifestyle and appeal
  • Natural environment
  • Natural brand
  • Existing tourism appeal
  • Bromelton State Development Area
  • Housing affordability
  • Diverse and independent villages


Affordability: Scenic Rim offers affordability in terms of residential land and housing as well as land for business investment, which provides a competitive advantage over other parts of South East Queensland. 

Existing agricultural strength: The region boasts a large and diversified agricultural sector, ranging from cattle and chickens to vegetables and turf, as well as a large equine industry and small boutique crops. The volume of raw agricultural products produced in the region also creates an opportunity to value-add, increasing future food and beverage processing. 

Natural environment: In addition to providing an idyllic natural setting for tourism activities, the Scenic Rim region has an excellent climate for growing (hence the strength of the agricultural sector). investment, which provides a competitive advantage over other parts of South East Queensland.

Lifestyle: Scenic Rim is known for (and existing businesses and residents enjoy) its ‘country’ lifestyle, which has been an attraction to the region for existing residents and businesses. 

Strategic location: Scenic Rim region is located on the doorstep of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the broader South East Queensland region, providing proximity to a large consumer market as well as major transport infrastructure such as the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane International Airport and Gold Coast Airport.

Strategic infrastructure: There is a wide range of strategic infrastructure in the region that can be used as a catalyst for future growth, including the Bromelton SDA, Inland Rail (currently under construction) and a large volume of good agricultural land.

Tourism assets: Scenic Rim has a wide variety of key tourism assets, including Tamborine Mountain (a widely recognised and well-established tourism destination), six national parks, World Heritage listed rainforests, a diverse offering of wine, beer, spirits and food as well as a number of emerging tourism attractions and destinations.



Agribusiness: Opportunities span a number of agricultural sectors including the growing of produce, raising of livestock and food/beverage processing. The opportunity includes boutique-style, high-value products as well as large-scale opportunities. 

Creative industries and business development services: The region’s natural features and diversity already cater to numerous creative businesses and with increased digital connectivity across the region, this segment of the economy can continue to grow. Additionally, the region currently imports a range of professional services (many of them creative). With suitable infrastructure (both physical premises and internet connectivity), these small businesses can also grow into the future. This opportunity would also include start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Health and wellbeing: This opportunity reacts to changing population demographics (the ageing of the population) as well as the amenity of the region, which combined make the area attractive for a range of aged care and retirement living options. Additionally, the natural brand of the region also caters for alternative health and wellness offerings. While these businesses exist today, there is a growing market for these types of wellbeing services and Scenic Rim’s proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast provides a large future consumer market. 

Waste to value: Bromelton SDA has strategic land approvals in place to also support large-scale recycling and waste-to-value businesses. 

Transport and logistics: SCT Logistics already has a large operation in Bromelton SDA. With the imminent arrival of Inland Rail, proximity to Brisbane and the Port of Brisbane, Bromelton SDA has the potential to become the new logistics hub for South East Queensland over the next 20 years. 

Tourism: Tourism has been a key growth opportunity over the last decade and this growth can continue with additional investment into attractions, commissionable product, accommodation and other supporting infrastructure. 

Large scale industry: Bromelton State Development Area has been designed for large-scale, high-impact and difficult-to-locate industry. This opportunity includes bio futures (i.e. biofuels and bioenergy projects), renewable energy projects and large-scale food processing operations. 

“The Bromelton State Development Area has significant potential for future growth, particularly with Inland Rail currently under construction.” 


  • Distance from Brisbane and the Gold Coast 
  • Access to Brisbane and the Gold Coast (Mount Lindesay Highway) 
  • Lack of local jobs 
  • Awareness/profile of region 
  • Planning issues 
  • ‘Stuck in the past’ 
  • Skills shortages across specific areas 
  • Lack of rental accommodation and commercial office space 
  • Differences across various centres and villages 


There are a range of macro-economic trends and risks that will impact the future economic development of the Scenic Rim. These risks are outside the control of Council but will be considered throughout the strategy and future economic development initiatives. These risks can be largely organised as follows: 

  • Ageing demographics 
  • Climate change 
  • Digital disruption 
  • Global trade 
  • Lifestyle investors 
  • Inadequacy of trunk infrastructure 
  • Sustainability of small communities