The strategic enabling projects will focus on key infrastructure projects that provide both a community and economic benefit. These projects are individually significant and will provide a catalytic boost to the local economy, as well as provide a variety of community benefits. 

Strategic enabling projects for the Scenic Rim region include: 

1. Bromelton State Development Area 

Given its significant size and lack of competing areas, as well as the development of Inland Rail, the Bromelton SDA has the potential to provide considerable economic benefits to the region, generating hundreds of valuable jobs. Unlocking these benefits will require closely working with the State Government, which controls all planning and development across the estate. 

2. Inland Rail 

Inland Rail is a ‘once-in-a-generation’ project that will greatly enhance the national freight network and increase the efficiency and productivity of the national rail network. It will provide for a transit time of 24 hours (or less) for freight trains between Melbourne and Brisbane, providing a legitimate alternative to existing road freight options 

3. Beaudesert Enterprise Precinct 

The expansion of the Beaudesert Enterprise Precinct provides new investment opportunities for businesses (which differs greatly to the Bromelton SDA), ensuring that the region can accommodate a range of business and industries, thereby creating valuable employment for residents. 

4. Vibrant and Active Towns and Villages 

The goal of this program is to deliver civic infrastructure improvements to activate public space and enhance the liveability of local communities, providing both an economic and social dividend to the region’s communities. These projects have the ability to provide catalytic infrastructure that can trigger additional investments by the private sector, creating valuable jobs for local residents. 

5. Scenic Rim Agricultural Industry Precinct 

Kalfresh Pty Ltd (Kalfresh) proposes to create a formal hub for fresh and frozen food production on a site adjoining the existing Kalfresh facility on the Cunningham Highway. The hub seeks to create benefits for future businesses (tenants) through waste-to-energy technology as well as sharing inputs and waste products, which would create a large, linked and ‘circular’ precinct. The hub would enable a variety of food processing and related businesses to cluster, creating a significant economic precinct and delivering a significant number of jobs to the local economy. 

“Scenic Rim Regional Council will continue to advocate for a high-speed freight corridor to Brisbane to further support Inland Rail and the Bromelton State Development Area.”